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Circular: Notice of Cancellation in respect of War Risks - Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, and Southern Red Sea

British Marine has received notice of cancellation from reinsurers in respect of war risks relating to vessels transiting the Red Sea.

On this basis we are required to issue notice of cancellation in accordance with clause 39.4 of British Marine’s P&I Terms & Conditions and section A.II clause 1.4 of British Marine’s Charterers Liability Terms & Conditions. Cancellation is extended beyond the 72 hours provided under the Terms & Conditions, and will take effect at Noon GMT on 20 February 2024.

On expiry of the notice war risks cover for the following areas will be excluded from cover:

Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and Southern Red Sea

The waters enclosed by the following boundaries:

  1. On the northwest, by the Red Sea, south of Latitude 18°N
  2. On the northeast, from the Yemen border at 16°38.5’N, 53°6.5’E to high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E
  3. On the east, by a line from high seas point 14°55’N, 53°50’E to high seas point 10°48’N, 60°15’E, thence to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E
  4. On  the southwest, by the Somalia border at 1°40’S, 41°34’E, to high seas point 6°45’S, 48°45’E

excepting coastal waters of adjoining territories up to 12 nautical miles offshore unless otherwise provided.

Coverage may be reinstated at terms to be agreed in writing by an Underwriter at British Marine.

All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.