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Hull and Machinery

We are known for our excellent claims service, as well as our ability to insure 100% of Hull and Machinery risks and combine cover with P&I.

Our Hull and Machinery (H&M) insurance covers physical loss of or damage to the hull and the machinery onboard.

Ability to write 100%

We traditionally insure 100% of H&M risks. That means the people we insure get to know their underwriters and – even more importantly – the claims people they will deal with should they ever need to make a claim. Those personal relationships give our clients peace of mind and contribute to many of them staying with us for the long term.

One stop shop

As well as standard H&M cover, we offer H&M War Risks and H&M Increased Value cover. We are also able to combine H&M and P&I insurance, so we can effectively act as a ‘one stop shop’ for all of our clients’ marine insurance needs. This is very unusual in the market, and can be particularly useful for smaller owner-operators who are seeking to streamline the insurance-buying process.

A flexible approach

As ships of different types and trades need differing H&M cover, we take a flexible approach to arranging cover and offer tailored protection. We accept risks on either an ‘all risks’ or ‘named peril’ basis and forms such as Institute Time Clauses (Hulls) 1983 or the Norwegian Plan can also be accepted, in conjunction with our standard H&M terms and conditions.

Excellent claims support

It is only when you make a claim that you test the value of the policy we have sold you. We take that responsibility seriously and have a collaborative, hands-on approach to helping you through the claims process. We have an excellent in-house Claims team that provides round-the clock support in conjunction with a comprehensive network of correspondents. We can also help to reduce the likelihood of claims by carrying out risk assessment surveys and providing guidance on potential improvements.