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Specialist offshore vessels P&I

Specialist offshore vessels require cover that is tailored to the needs of the specific operation of the vessel, the environment within which it works and meets the demanding contractual and legal landscape that dominate the industry.

British Marine has been providing policy terms and conditions that meet these requirements for many years. We recognise that the sector is constantly changing and our Underwriters and Claims specialists are constantly reviewing and adjusting their approach to support our customers’ needs.

Your protection

Our standard Protection & Indemnity coverage has been enhanced and designed specifically for the specialist offshore vessels and includes:

  • Contractual liabilities
  • Contractual wreck removal
  • Waiving right to limit liability in law
  • Extended towage
  • Specialist operations
  • Marine Employers’ Liability

Our promise to you

At British Marine, we believe that the claims service is every bit as important as the underwriting. While the cover we offer is broad and tailored to meet your needs, we know that what matters most is our ability and willingness to pay out on your claim, should the worst happen.

Our dedicated claims team is drawn from a range of backgrounds, including International Group Clubs, fixed-premium providers, shipowners, engineers and law firms.

With that breadth of expertise at your disposal, you can be confident that you have a partner with the ability and financial means to get you back on the water as soon as possible.


Your contact

Your contact

Kevin Healy

Kevin Healy

Senior Underwriter: Delivery & Recycling Voyages, Offshore, UK & Ireland

+44 20 7105 5964

Liam Glynn

Liam Glynn

Senior Underwriter: Delivery & recycling voyages, Indian subcontinent, Middle East, Offshore, Portugal, Spain

+44 20 7105 4076